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    We create a single concept ad hoc: selection with a list of great locations, providing for your company needs.We provid adapted technologies in relation to your meeting. We are aware of the importance of your event !

    our seminars

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    The objective of a Convention is to ensure key information transmission. We work along side you in creating the ideal framework and the major assets for transmitting this information: coordinating audio visual and technical solutions, your team-building, your evenings events, all of which form part of your unique tailor-made event.

    our conventions

  • Symposium à Vienne


    Discussions and debates are the culminating objectives of these symposia. It is thus important to create a climate which inspires exchanges by insuring an adequately considering the professional meetings approach with relaxation breaks.

    Our symposia

  • Incentive au Panama


    Fufeeling your incentives, we know the importance of the group cohesion, we are able to customize your travel to meet your highest expectations. Our creativity knows no bands !

    Our Incentives

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    Our creativity and quality sensibility ensures you will enjoy unique and magic evenings. Our goal is to create the most exceptional and unforgettable event.

    Our Events